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Amazing puppies!!

I got my puppy Rocky back in January. He is now 7 months old and he is beyond smart, well-behaved and loving. People constantly stop me in the street to comment on how beautiful and sweet he is. Michelle was great throughout the entire process and I would highly recommend Backyard Doodles to looking to get an Aussie doodle puppy. Rocky is the best pup and I couldn’t be more happy with the entire experience!!

Bailey Rizza

“Our most Precious doodle addition”

We had a wonderful experience with Michelle and her family. They were very professional, informative, and kind. We drove several hours to meet not only our doodle, but his siblings, and parents. We would highly recommend Backyard Doodles. Our addition has been a blessing to our family! Thank you Michelle and family for your continued support.

Dustin and Jody Krohnfeldt

Backyard Doodles

This was my first time going through a breeder as we have always adopted locally from someone close by or from shelters. This was a new experience for us all around, as well as buying a dog from out-of-state. Diving into the breeding world, I was nervous as I began to hear about “puppy scams” and other sad stories of people who decided to breed their dogs but had no knowledge of how to do it safely and without working with a vet.

When we first reached out to Backyard Doodles, from the very beginning, everything was professional and Michelle was so wonderful to work with! She is knowledgeable and works with a vet routinely throughout the entire ordeal–before her sire and dam’s breed, to the pregnancy, and well after the puppies are born to ensure the upmost health of the puppy. We were given constant updates throughout it all! Videos and photos came weekly to show the puppy’s progression and even when we wanted a few more photos or videos, she was so good to send those to us right away. She answered our many, MANY questions and was such a joy to work with! I loved knowing this was not some puppy mill, as Michelle personally interacted and took care of each individual puppy, giving them love and care long before being adopted out.

On the day we picked up our puppy, she went above and beyond by giving us a container of dog food, treats, toys, a blanket with the puppy’s littermate’s scent, vet records, microchip information, and a slew of information from probiotics and immune health, to potty training, to crate training, and everything else in-between. Everything she provided were things we needed to know or have to make the transition for the puppy easier when we brought her home. You leave knowing your puppy has been loved, provided for, and given the highest optimal health possible. The experience was so positive and so wonderful, we will definitely be coming back in the future when we are ready to add another puppy to our home!

Lori H.

I am so Happy!

Wow, what an amazing Pet “Sylvester” He has bonded with the family pretty fast!
I adopted him in January 2023 and I am so happy!
what great service, she delivered him to us because the tunnel was closed.
Thank you for connecting me to my forever fur baby.

Tonya Harrington

Tonya Harrington

Highly Recommend

When we began our journey to find a golden doodle we were worried we would have to wait months before we received one. We found Backyard Doodles online and instantly fell In love with a doodle from their website. Upon contacting we were able to get our doodle within a day. They even recommended a pup based on the temperament we were looking for. Our doodle is absolutely perfect from the wavy hair to his demeanor. I cannot stress this enough please buy from Backyard Doodles. This company has excellent customer service and provided us with a high quality doodle that fit into our little family perfectly.

Brianna Murphy

Words can’t even describe…

I got my little Harvey girl last July. She was Bang’s last Aussiedoodle litter (RIP sweet girl). My boyfriend actually found Michelle and her sweet family, and that is how I started my application process with BD. Michelle is extremely friendly, informative, and fun to work with. We had second pic, but ended up with our first pick which was our black merle girl. My Harvey is now almost 8 months and she is the best pup I’ve ever had the pleasure of bringing home. She was easy to kennel train (1 week) and potty train (2 weeks). She is a happy-go-lucky girl and loves to play with other puppies abs full grown dogs. I couldn’t have been happier with my baby girl and I thank Michelle and her family always for allowing us to bring her home. Michelle runs a safe, clean, and ethical business and have communicated and been 100% honest with the whole process before and after we brought Harvey home. I will never go to another breeder. Michelle will be my #1 choice when it comes to bringing a sweet puppy into my home!

Angel B. Byun

The best Puppy we could have asked for

We got our miniature Goldendoodle Shula this Sunday and she is a happy, healthy puppy and just a joy to be around. Michelle and her whole family made our puppy experience so effortless and exciting! The application process was easy and she reached out very fast. We were able to visit the puppies in person as well. Michelle always kept us up to date and provided pictures of the little munchkin, which made waiting for her to come home mich easier. She was always available for any questions and concerns. Any text was answered fast and informative. We felt very comfortable throughout the whole process and would recommend backyard doodles to ANYONE who is ready to bring a little bundle of joy into their home.

Mareike Ihasz

It’s love

We just brought home our sweet little mini goldendoodle and could not be more impressed with Michelle and our entire experience with Backyard Doodles. The puppy is very sweet and obviously well cared for. Can’t wait for all of the adventures we will have with our new best friend!

Maddie Dimoveo

Our wonderful Jax

Getting our wonderful little Jax our aussiedoodle with Backyard doodles was just an amazingly positive experience. The level of customer service from the owner Michelle Mast was consistently great. She was hands on immediately with newborn puppy photos each week, clear explanation of the breeder & owner relationship, honest and professional. Providing a DNA of the parents was helpful and Backyard Doodles administered the required immunizations with a doggie chip. Jax is now almost a year old and Michelle continues to check in with us on Jax’s progress.

We would strongly recommend Backyard Doodles to any looking for a new puppy to join their family!!

Janice & Johnny

Janice and Johnny

Backyarddoodle does it right!

We picked up our Riley on Sunday, she is so sweet! Working with Michelle was awesome, her and her husband Vern met us so that we didn’t have to drive over the passes with only giving them a short notice! Well worth the extra money. So far Riley has been great, her and our other Aussiedoodle Kenzie are getting along. Thank you Michelle for being there for all my questions and caring attitude. You are one of the reasons we went with Backyarddoodles! Will send more pics as she grows older.

Charlie Beswick

Backyard Doodles Review

Michelle was fantastic from the very first phone conversation. We had put our request in for a pup a couple months before they were even conceived. She answered all of our questions. I remember when Michelle let me know when Mom was confirmed pregnant with pups. I was so excited. Michelle kept us totally informed every step of the way. Birth day photos and weeklies to follow. We drove to Delta, Co to pick up our little boy. Meeting Michelle and family was a real pleasure. The pups were all fantastic I could have taken them all. We were sent home with a lovely packet of information with all the veterinary information and current shot records. We thoroughly enjoyed our entire experience with Backyard Doodle, and we have a terrific, perfect little guy that we just love. Thank you,

Steve T

Woodland Park, CO  3/13/21

Steve T

We are so in love with our Backyard Doodle!

Michelle is a wonderful doodle breeder. She really cares about her pups! We were so very lucky that our new F1B goldendoodle, Pope (Max), was not snatched up by another family before we found him. We adopted our sweet boy when he was 13 weeks old. He is the sweetest cuddle bug! He is very fluffy, soft, playful, and receptive to training.. My entire family of five is completely in love with him! We have a 7 year old female F1 goldendoodle from a different breeder and Max is quickly getting comfortable with her. I highly recommend Michelle. She is great to work with and you can’t go wrong with her sweet doodles!

Theresa Wilson

Our Joey

After losing my Scottish terrier Joey is such a joy. He is absolutely the most loving dog. He’s very smart already been to the dog trainer for some basic commands. The trainer was really impressed he picked up commands quickly. We’re going back after he’s over a year for more. Thank you so much for Joey.

Cinthia Tymchuck

Backyard Doodles was great

Backyard Doodles was so great to work with! We adopted our puppy Cleo from Michelle’s very first litter, and really appreciated the care and love that she clearly put into raising them, as well as the photographs of Cleo and her siblings as pickup day approached. We took Michelle’s advice to learn more about Puppy Culture, and it’s really paid off in our understanding of how Cleo turned out to be such a well-behaved and well-adjusted little Aussiedoodle. If you’re looking for a puppy from a caring, conscientious, and communicative breeder, we highly recommend Backyard Doodles!


Dave M.

San Francisco, CA

Dave M.

Wonderful experience

Absolutely wonderful experience from start to finish. Michelle is thoughtful, thorough, extremely easy to work with and stands behind her pups. I couldn’t be more pleased. Michelle took every precaution to ensure happy, well adjusted pups and has an extremely good health guarantee. We will be back for another puppy in the future 🙂

Jennifer Jobes

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