FAQ's About Backyard Doodles

Family owned and operated specializing in the mini Aussidoodle and Goldendoodle breeds

Getting Your Puppy Home

Pickup At Backyard Doodles

This is always an option, but know that any visitors coming are asked to stay away from high animal traffic areas for 2+ weeks before coming.

Fly In And Meet Us

Depending on where you fly into, the costs can vary. We do go to Denver once litters are 8 weeks old and can meet at the Denver Airport. 

We Fly To You

Although not always the most cost-effective, it can be an option to save you time, travel, and still get your puppy once they turn 8 weeks old.

Pickup At Backyard Doodles

We welcome folks to come directly to us and pick up their puppy but know that we require that you avoid high traffic animal areas of 2+ weeks. This is to protect our young puppies from being exposed to things they are not get prepared for. High animal traffic areas are places such as parks, vets’ offices, doggy daycare, zoos, and so forth.

Please don’t be surprised if we come to meet you in the driveway instead of inviting you in. We know there are a lot of things that can be carried in from the bottoms of your feet or from forgetting to use hand sanitizer.

Fly In And Meet Us

We offer to meet families at two airports for free: Montrose and Grand Junction Regional Airports. If we are to take your puppy to Denver, we are currently charging $150 (and require at least 2 puppies making the trip before going – or you can pay the $300).

There are only a few “puppy friendly airlines” so when you book be aware of each airline’s policies regarding age, weight, and health paperwork needs. IF  the airline you choose requires a health certificate, that is an additional $50.

Airlines that I know are 8-week old puppy friendly include: Southwest, American, Frontier, Alaska, JetBlue

We Fly To You

Flying to you is something we offer to everyone. This is usually subject to availability (and first come first serve), but sometimes we have friends and family that will help us out. For an additional $850 this includes, flight from a regional airport (Montrose or Grand Junction), carry-on pet fee and health certificate, we will deliver to airport closest to you. 

We require that this be paid before booking, but after you have chosen your puppy.

Choosing Your Puppy

Once puppies turn 3 weeks old, we begin going down our Wait List to start the choosing process. I usually get quite a few questions regarding differences of gender or personality, and it can be hard to describe.  

Choices begin at 3 weeks old. Until then everyone is shown as “available” as we don’t know who will or won’t be spoken for.

​Note that I go in order of my Wait List and do not skip people. I allow buyers to change their minds on gender, coloring, size, or whatever it may be. If you are in line next, you get to choose from an available puppy (or defer if you still have time).

Boy or Girl??

Many folks say “girls bond/get along better with boys” and visa-versa. I also find that when considering bringing another pup home when you have one already, will be dependent upon your current dog’s personality and characteristics.  My advice would be to weigh in to what you feel would be a good fit, as well as maybe consult those who know your exact situation. Other things to consider are if your dogs are or will be fixed and when. Experience has shown me that if you don’t want your place “marked” by your boy, then getting him fixed is ALWAYS a good thing. Note- we recommend waiting at least 5 months before spaying/neuter as to allow development that helps with the dog’s long term health


This is a hard one for me as I have previously done an array of different procedures to help determine personalities, and it usually still ends up being hit or miss. What I’ve discovered is that who they are, and how they act in the litter setting, is NOT who they are once you take them home. They go from shared attention and known environment to either undivided attention or shared with an older sibling of sorts. This brings out things we don’t get an opportunity to see while they are here. I am a firm believer in – they will be who you encourage them to be AND following your gut!

With that being said, don’t misunderstand lack of training for “personality”. Your puppy doesn’t know much other than getting to experience things and get used to different people, other dogs, unique noises, and so forth. As a breeder, I am limited in what I can and cannot offer and teach a puppy. Instead, I focus on what can I expose my puppies to before they leave. We aim for positive experiences as well as encourage bravery and trying/effort. Beyond that is up to you!