About Us

Family owned and operated specializing in the mini Aussidoodle breed Aswell as goldendoodles

Welcome To Backyard Doodles

Backyard Doodles is a family-owned and operated Goldendoodle and Miniature Aussiedoodle breeder in beautiful Western Colorado nestled on 5 acres with large spaces for the furry moms to be able to run free with cats, horses, and a duck named Jesper who loves to play with the puppies.

Michelle is the caretaker and spokesperson for Backyard Doodles. She loves playing and interacting with the puppies on a daily basis and introducing them to all sorts of things to help socialize them and make the transition from our home to yours as easy as possible. 

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Our Vision

To provide quality dogs.

All the furry parents have had the following tests.

  • DNA 
  • PennHIP
  • OFA 
  • Cardiac

How we work with the puppies

  • ENS protocol from birth to16 days old
  • Introduce new things daily, anything from different sounds, stairs, doggy doors, other animals, etc
  • Socialize pups as much as possible until they go to their forever home. Including children, TVs, car rides, etc
  • Introduced to crates

 Our goal is to bring you the best Mini Aussiedoodles and Goldendoodles to love and create memories that will last a lifetime.

A Video Of Backyard Doodles

Our Certifications

Our puppy parents have a DNA profile through Embark and have an excellent level of health test through Good Dog and PennHIP. We are proud members of the OFA as well.  

We practice Puppy Culture on our litters by playing and interacting with the puppies daily. I utilize the following enrichment methods: socialized with children, puppy culture, scent introduction, human interactions, clicker training, as well as crate training.

Backyard Doodles reports a level of Excellent in the Health Test of their Aussiedoodles and Goldendoodles. Ask Backyard Doodles about the tests performed on the parents of your litter.