Words can’t even describe…

I got my little Harvey girl last July. She was Bang’s last Aussiedoodle litter (RIP sweet girl). My boyfriend actually found Michelle and her sweet family, and that is how I started my application process with BD. Michelle is extremely friendly, informative, and fun to work with. We had second pic, but ended up with our first pick which was our black merle girl. My Harvey is now almost 8 months and she is the best pup I’ve ever had the pleasure of bringing home. She was easy to kennel train (1 week) and potty train (2 weeks). She is a happy-go-lucky girl and loves to play with other puppies abs full grown dogs. I couldn’t have been happier with my baby girl and I thank Michelle and her family always for allowing us to bring her home. Michelle runs a safe, clean, and ethical business and have communicated and been 100% honest with the whole process before and after we brought Harvey home. I will never go to another breeder. Michelle will be my #1 choice when it comes to bringing a sweet puppy into my home!

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