Backyard Doodles

This was my first time going through a breeder as we have always adopted locally from someone close by or from shelters. This was a new experience for us all around, as well as buying a dog from out-of-state. Diving into the breeding world, I was nervous as I began to hear about “puppy scams” and other sad stories of people who decided to breed their dogs but had no knowledge of how to do it safely and without working with a vet.

When we first reached out to Backyard Doodles, from the very beginning, everything was professional and Michelle was so wonderful to work with! She is knowledgeable and works with a vet routinely throughout the entire ordeal–before her sire and dam’s breed, to the pregnancy, and well after the puppies are born to ensure the upmost health of the puppy. We were given constant updates throughout it all! Videos and photos came weekly to show the puppy’s progression and even when we wanted a few more photos or videos, she was so good to send those to us right away. She answered our many, MANY questions and was such a joy to work with! I loved knowing this was not some puppy mill, as Michelle personally interacted and took care of each individual puppy, giving them love and care long before being adopted out.

On the day we picked up our puppy, she went above and beyond by giving us a container of dog food, treats, toys, a blanket with the puppy’s littermate’s scent, vet records, microchip information, and a slew of information from probiotics and immune health, to potty training, to crate training, and everything else in-between. Everything she provided were things we needed to know or have to make the transition for the puppy easier when we brought her home. You leave knowing your puppy has been loved, provided for, and given the highest optimal health possible. The experience was so positive and so wonderful, we will definitely be coming back in the future when we are ready to add another puppy to our home!

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